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Choose Your Success Using Money Language

Money BillsYou can boost your success in life by using three types of money language.  The three types of money language include Wealth Words, Powerful Action Words, and Benefit Words. 

Practice using this money language more frequently in your conversation, and more importantly, in your mind!  Once you develop the habit of positive money language, you bolster your personal potential.

Wealth Words

Abundant, Rich, Wealthy, Plenty, Success, Money, Blessed, Enough, Cash, Profits, Income, Prosperity

Powerful Positive Action Words

Increase, Discover, Obtain, Implement, Enhance, Desire, Win, Transform, Stimulate, Simplify, Refresh, Master, Improve, Leverage, Overcome, Create, Innovate, Accelerate, Find, Generate, Relish, Explode, Boost, Hypnotize, Connect, Team Up, Inspire, Explore, Visualize, Realize, Crystallize, Materialize, Manifest, Digest, Savor, Feast, Embrace, Earn, Find, Imagine, Picture, Become, Build

Powerful "Negative" Action Words

Slash, Destroy, Abolish, Stop, Execute, Confront, Conquer, Shatter, Eliminate, Rip, Banish


Benefit Words (Taken from I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling)

You, New, Improved, Guaranteed, Secret, Easy, Simple, Free, Healthy, Gift, Imagine, Powerful, Love, Benefits, Advantages, Fun, Safe, Valuable, Bonus, Purpose, Investment, Amazing, Happy, Save, Practical, Proven, Results, Energy, Satisfaction, How to, Unique, Step by Step, Reliable, Best

Sprinkle your speaking and thinking liberally with this money language.  Your money vibration will increase, calling into effect the laws of attraction.  Establish this money language deeply into your life by reading I Create Millions.

Christopher Westra

P.S.  Use the "Negative" action words to emphasize the positive, such as, "Abolish your limitations!" or "Eliminate all blocks to your money mastery."  Accelerate your learning of money language with my Free Money Ebook!

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