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Passive Income FamilyPassive Income BeachWhich picture appeals to you?  We all exist as spiritual/human beings and desire the same joys and freedoms in life. 

I know you want the time and freedom to learn and fulfill your mission in life. A passive residual income can help you to do what you want.

This article explores further the four benefits of earning royalties for a passive residual income.  I switched from working in a prison to living on passive income so I know the realities and the benefits.

First, you enjoy the freedom to work at creative projects that you enjoy.  You can choose a product related to your skills and interests.

Second, you can choose when and where you want to work.  Passive residual income actually takes more work up front to get the income stream established.  Yes, you must work, but you can choose your hours and your environment!

Third, you decide how much you earn, based on your work, creativity, and imagination.  No one puts a limit on the amount of your earnings.  When you create a $50 product and sell it to one hundred thousand people, you just made five million dollars.

Fourth, the passive residual income does give you more free time to spend with your family or to do whatever you love to do. 

Please note that developing passive income takes a lot of work.  You must create or obtain a product, and you must sell it.  Only the self-motivated will reap the rewards of a passive residual income.  Get the full six-part audiovisual Freedom Lifestyle Income Program here.


P.S.  It's true that I can take a week and go to Hawaii and the money still flows in.  It's also true that at the beginning, I worked for months with only my vision and my Lord to sustain me. 

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