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Perpetual Light Fund

Micro Loans for Budding Businesses

Welcome to the Perpetual Light Fund.  We accept applicants on an ongoing basis, so go ahead and fill out the short Light Fund Application.

This fund will give out an award of $100 every month to a light worker around the world.  Each month a new individual will receive a light award for the purpose of starting or expanding a life-enhancing business. This fund was inspired by the perpetual education fund of the Latter-Day Saint Church.

To keep up to date on new Light Fund Winners, and opportunities for extra awards, sign up below.  You will also receive my short daily newsletters about Light, Life, and Your Higher Potential!

See the first recipients below. 

Sheri Zampelli of the United States, December 2006 Winner #1
An-Li Theron of South Africa, December 2006 Winner #2
Alison Appiah of the United Kingdom, January 2007 Winner #3 
Ann-Charlotte Stewart, of India, January 2007 Winner #4
Maria Padilla, of the Philippines, February 2007 Winner #5
Sheila Walshe, of Ireland, March 2007 Winner #6
Patrick Gould, for Work in Kenya, March 2007 Winner #7
Veronica Wangari, of Muranga, Kenya, March 2007 Winner #8
Marie Elizabeth Greene, of Utah in the U.S., April 2007 Winner #9
Elijah and Tabitha Kaneshiro, of Hawaii (U.S.), April 2007 Winner #10

Mahadevan S, of Bangalore, India, April 2007 Winner #11
Mohan Kumar, of Bangalore, India, May 2007 Winner #12
Victoria Suarez, of the Philippines, June 2007 Winner #13
Moses Kinyanjui Njoroge, of Nakuru, Kenya, June 2007 Winner #14
Maurice Okota Abuonji, of Nakuru, Kenya, June 2007 Winner #15
Stanford Limu, of Zimbabwe, August 2007 Winner #16
Malohat Boimatova, of Tajikistan, September 2007 Winner #17
Irina Konnikova, of the Ukraine, October 2007 Winner #18
Karoline Petelo, of Samoa, November 2007 Winner #19, December 2007 Winner #20

Nor Alhuda Bakery, of Kirkuk, Iraq, January 2008 Winner #21
Anita Uquillas, of Guayaquil, Ecuador, February 2008 Winner #22
Kaddu Mukasa's group of Buikwe, Uganda, March 2008 Winner #23
Marta Lorena Mendoza Maradiaga of Nicaragua, April 2008 Winner #24
Roeung Channy of Cambodia, May 2008 Winner #25
Avzalbi Saidovo of Tajikistan, June 2008 Winner #26
Nguyen Thi Phong of Viet Nam, July 2008 Winner #27
Kate Owusuaa of Ghana, August 2008 Winner #28
Moureen Mwakarobo of Tanzania, September 2008 Winner #29
Rosalia Garcia Walter of Peru, October 2008 Winner #30

Wassiratou Assante, of Togo, November 2008 Winner #31
Tep Choeun, of Cambodia, December 2008 Winner #32
Jim Humble, of Nevada (for work in Africa), January 2009 Winner #33
Vicente Guizzagan, of the Philippines, February 2009 Winner #34
Grace, of Ghana, March 2009 Winner #35
Consuela Silvia Gonzales Ruedas, of Peru, April 2009 Winner #36
Angua Sefina, of Southern Sudan, May 2009 Winner #37
Haydar, of Beirut Lebanon, June 2009 Winner #38
Mrs. Nem Kit, of Cambodia, July 2009 Winner #39
Yunuke Oira, of Kenya, August 2009 Winner #40

Zahra, of Lebanon, September 2009 Winner #41
Rano Muhammad Hussein, of Pakistan, October 2009 Winner #42
Erdenetsetseg Haltmai, of Mongolia, November 2009 Winner #43
Emmanuel Hicuburundi, of Burundi, December 2009 Winner #44
Maria, of El Salvador, January 2010 Winner #45
Adolat Kamolova, of Tajikistan, February 2010 Winner #46
Vanessa Valenzuela, or the Philippines, March 2010 Winner #47
Rhemat Asghar Ali, of Pakistan, April 2010 Winner #48
Alba Elizabeth, of Guatemala, May 2010 Winner #49
Mugurwa Nzigire, of the Democratic Republic of Congo, June 2010 Winner #50

Maguette Fatoa Sy's Group, of Senegal, July 2010 Winner #51
Saida Sadigi, of Azerbaijan, August 2010 Winner #52
Tabu Kioli, of Kenya, September 2010 Winner #53
Alphonsine, of Rwanda, October 2010 Winner #54
Chelestina and Team, of Tanzania, November 2010 Winner #55

Soulèye Dème, of Senegal, December 2010 Winner #56
San Miguel Group, of Paraguay, January 2011 Winner #57
Guljamal Konurbaeva's Group of Kyrgyzstan, February 2011 Winner #58
The Confiance Group of Mali, March 2011 Winner #59
David Diadamidze of Georgia, April 2011 Winner #60

Madina of South Sudan, May 2011 Winner #61
Wafaa of Jordan, June 2011 Winner #62
Alternativas Group of Bolivia, July 2011 Winner #63
Satik Danielyan of Armenia, August 2011 Winner #64
Maria Amalia Nhamposse of Mozambique, September 2011 Winner #65

The Esperanza Group of Chile, October 2011 Winner #66
Belinda Mercedes of Honduras, November 2011 Winner #67
Rosita of the Philippines, December 2011 Winner #68
Yon's Group of Cambodia, January 2012 Winner #69
Sonja of Kosovo, February 2012 Winner #70

Antoinette of Cameroon, March 2012 Winner #71
Ysabel Catalin of Ecuador, April 2012 Winner #72
Epifania of Timor-Leste, May 2012 Winner #73
Yen, of Viet Nam, June 2012 Winner #74
Roya's Group, of Senegal, July 2012 Winner #75

Randall, of Costa Rica, August 2012 Winner #76
Cintia Gissella of Ecuador, September 2012 Winner #77
Naziran's Group of Pakistan, October 2012 Winner #78
Kanze's Group of Kenya, November 2012 Winner #79
Un Nuevo Resplandor Group of Mexico, December 2012 Winner #80

Leena of Palestine, January 2013 Winner #81
Lucie, Emmanuel, and Rachel of Burundi, February 2013 Winner #82
Bidossessi 3 Group, of Benin, March 2013 Winner #83
Lucrecia of the Philippines, April 2013 Winner #84
Vailetai of Samoa, May 2013 Winner #85

Christian of the United States (Texas), June 2013 Winner #86
Mart and La Buena Fe of the Dominican Republic, July 2013 Winner #87
Luriana of Albania, August 2013 Winner #88
Beatriz Elena, of Columbia, September 2013 Winner #89
Mabinty, of Sierra Leone, October 2013 Winner #90

Wupa, of Israel, November 2013 Winner #91 ($50 loan)
Morenelisa, of Zimbabwe, December 2013 Winner #92 ($50 loan)
Laxmi Saraswati SHG Group, of India, January 2014 Winner #93 ($50 loan)
Om-Mostafa Group, of Yemen, February 2014 Winner #94 ($50 loan)
Mrs. Adama and the Aimons Nous Group, of Burkina Faso, March 2014 Winner #95 ($50 loan)

Ketly, of Haiti, April 2014 Winner #96 ($50 loan)
Princess, of Liberia, May 2014 Winner #97 ($50 loan)
Raissa, of the Republic of Congo, June 2014 Winner #98 ($50 loan)
Taung Ywar Thit Village, of Myanmar (Burma), July 2014 Winner #99 ($50 loan)
Tamara, of Zambia, August 2014 Winner #100 ($50 loan)

Martinus, of Indonesia, September 2014 Winner #101 ($50 loan)
Nona, of the Philippines, October 2014 Winner #102 ($50 loan)
Patuma, of Malawi, November 2014 Winner #103 ($50 loan)
Ikechukwu, of Nigeria, December 2014 Winner #104 ($50 loan)
The Sagrada Familia Group, of Paraguay, January 2015 Winner #105 ($50 loan)

Mujeres Unidas Group, of Paraguay, February 2015 Winner #106 ($50 loan)
Ponikem, of Suriname, February 2015 Winner #107 ($50 loan)
Yoro Group, of Burkina Faso, March 2015 Winner #108 ($50 loan)
Remedios, of the Philippines, April 2015 Winner #109 ($50 loan)
Jane, of Uganda, May 2015 Winner #110 ($50 loan)

Kokpho Group, of Lao PDR, June 2015 Winner #111 ($50 loan)
Cheng, of China, June 2015 Winner #112 ($50 loan)
Jamine, of South Africa, July 2015 Winner #113 ($50 loan)
Maria Florinda, of Guatemala, July 2015 Winner #114 ($50 loan)
Adela, of Moldova, August 2015 Winner #115 ($50 loan)

Noura, of Egypt, August 2015 Winner #116 ($50 loan)
Gulbahar, of Turkey, September 2015 Winner #117 ($50 loan)
Eliane Mariano, of Madagascar, October 2015 Winner #118 ($50 loan)
Auriestela, of Panama, November 2015 Winner #119 ($50 loan)
Na Ntaja Group, of Lesotho, December 2015 Winner #120 ($50 loan)

Fenie, of the Philippines, January 2016 Winner #121 ($50 loan)
Fatima Group, of Guatemala, February 2016 Winner #122 ($50 loan)
Sarahy, of El Salvador, March 2016 Winner #123 ($50 loan)
Saado, of Somalia, April 2016 Winner #124 ($50 loan)
Dina, of El Salvador, May 2016 Winner #125 ($50 loan)

Lirio dos Vales I Group, of Brazil, May 2016 Winner #126 ($50 loan)


If you'd like to sponsor a light fund winner, contact Christopher through the Support Desk.

Preference may be given to:

1) Individuals from countries where the impact of $100 is greater, according to the microenterprise business model.  Yet I take into account..

2) Individuals who have a business model or plan prepared.  Those who plan to succeed are much more likely to do so.

In your Light Fund Application, include a message about who you are and what your plan is for a business to bring light to the world.  This could be a craft business, a food business, a web business, or anything.  I've also been inspired by Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor, and his micro loan program.

We've had some great donors to the Light Fund also.  If you want to donate, just contact me through the application form above.

The idea behind micro loans and micro grants is that this money will be paid back when the small business is self supporting, but this isn't my primary focus.  I've been blessed, and I want to share with the world.  When the money comes, then the light awards can be given out more frequently.   



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