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Write on Your Money - A Wealth Building Tip

money billsI first learned this wealth building tip from Carol Tuttle, the author of Remembering Wholeness.  My wife and I went to one of her live seminars since Carol and I live in the same state.

Her wealth building tip is to write messages on your money!  Yes, just take a ten dollar bill, or a hundred dollar bill, and write on it.  I took the $100 bill I keep posted near my desk and wrote the following messages on it.

"I love Christopher Westra

Think like Ben (Ben Franklin is on the Hundred)

Use me (meaning the money) to serve others

Currency flows

This represents value given

It's just money

Will multiply exceedingly

Powerful representation

Flow without compulsory means

Plenty more where I came from!"

Writing on money is a powerful wealth building tip because it connects you more fully with money.  Write the messages that mean something to you.  You can also write on money and then spend it or give it away.  Yes, people will still take your money!

You can get a free audio of "Attract Life's Riches" from Carol's site below.

Free Audio Wealth Building Tip - Attract Life's Riches


P.S.  Start looking at different bills you receive and see if you can find some writing on them.  Yes, other people use this wealth building tip also.  Make it fun!  For more wealth building tips including specific steps to take to build your passive income, see the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.

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