Light Workers

Five Goal Areas for Self Discovery

Achieve Your New Years Resolutions in 2007. Choose Unstoppable Energy to Guide You in Your Goals!

Each year I set one major goal in each of five areas.  I've been working out my adventure goal with my family.  They want to do a family trip to Yellowstone.  The five categories make up the acronym GOALS.

G is for Giving or Charitable Goals
O is for Occupational and Career Goals
A is for Adventure and Fun Goals
L is for Life Improvement Goals
S is for Spiritual and Family Goals

Use the five areas, and Create Your Own Reality with your 2007 goals.

Implement these ten principles below to explode your self confidence into pure self actualization and achieve all your goals!  Embrace your infinite self worth and succeed in all your life's endeavors with self determination in the year 2007

1. Master the art of self liberation and self realization.
2. Unravel the mysteries of self awareness.
3. Soar beyond self help and self improvement to true self mastery.
4. Discover how self motivation spurs you on to your greater heights.
5. Leverage your light body and light energies to authentic self discovery.
6. Transform your thinking with self talk and self assessment tools.
7. Use self reflection to align your mind with the source of all power.
8. Realize your desired reality with faith, hope, and self confidence.
9. Shatter all limitations and become Unstoppable in Bold Action.
10. Succeed beyond imagination using the laws of spiritual pre-creation.

Harness the power of self choice daily.  All options are open to you now.  I encourage you to make a self empowering meta decision right at this moment by doing one of the following (or both)! 

Either of these will impact your self mastery and self discipline for success in your new years resolutions for the Year 2007.

First, make 2007 your powerful year by learning these two essential facts of Unstoppable Power.

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Copyright Christopher Westra | 2007 New Years Resolutions