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Raw Chocolate Benefits

Receive the Health Benefits of Raw Chocolate and Try This Simple Raw Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Do you want to enjoy the healthy benefits of dark chocolate, or raw chocolate?  Raw chocolate is an even healthier product, and it is dark chocolate.  Some people still ask, "Does Chocolate Benefit Health?"  See the benefits yourself below.

1) Super rich in magnesium, enhancing brain function and digestion.
2) Contains Anandamide, also known as the bliss chemical.
3) High in Phenylethlyamine, referred to as the "love drug".
4) A key ingredient in intuitive eating with the Harmony Earth Energy Diet.
5) Raw Cocoa Powder (sometimes spelled Cacao Powder) has no chemicals.
6) The chocolate fudge recipe increases vitality with antioxidants.

Download your free chocolate recipe below, with only three ingredients!  Just right click and "save target as" and save to your desktop.  Then open and enjoy your heavenly chocolate.   You can also just "left click" and open the recipe!

Free Raw Chocolate Fudge Recipe PDF

If If you enjoy these benefits and the raw chocolate fudge recipe, please forward it on to at least one other person.  You can attach the free PDF to your email, or just send them back to this page.

Enjoy your Chocolate High,

Christopher (Author of The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet).

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