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Holographic Creation is Inner Creation

Get off the Treadmill

1. Holographic Creation is Inner Creation. Get off the Treadmill

pig rideMost of just ride through life going and going at full speed. We don't really know where we are going, but by golly, we are going to be the first ones there! Just like Mr. Pig here, we are single minded in our hurry to go and go.

With holographic creation we imagine future scenarios, events, emotions, and physical items in great detail. We live and experience the situation or event in "real time" in our mind as if we are actually there. Our body reacts accordingly with real physiological changes.

Our subconscious accepts these "inner pictures" as real and changes beliefs and energies also! Sometimes I feel like Mr. Pig and think that I don't have the time to stop "doing" in order to engage in some quiet inner work.

Yet I know from experience that I will actually be more connected, more targeted, and more peaceful if I sit down and do this mental work.

2. Your Sure Expectation and Confidence

Because you are literally creating in the inner world, your confidence in manifesting grows. You can really feel and see in your mind's eye the situation you want to experience. The entire universe then diverts particles of matter in the direction of your dreams.

Be patient with yourself as your skills grow, and break your large goals down into smaller steps when you need to. As you watch your "visualizations" attract matter and "materialize" you will gain more and more confidence in your ability to shape reality.

I love it when I imagine an event (family dinner, consultation, meeting, public speaking) and then it turns out just as I enacted in my mind. I know that the event would not have turned out as well or positively if I hadn't spent the time on the pre-creation!

3. Purpose to Bring Increased Life to Yourself and Others

One major reason we came to this earth is to practice using our mind to shape our world. Another reason we came here is to learn that we are all connected and can build a better world by loving and serving one another. In his great book, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles talks about "Increased Life for all" and that has become one of my favorite mottos.

We all want increased life. We want the good things of the world and that's fine. As you do your holographic creation work, consciously purpose to bring good things into the world for yourself, your family, and for the entire realm of humanity. I like to extend this further to all spiritual beings everywhere.

Create in your inner world the physical items that you can use to provide for your family and that will increase the enjoyment of life. Create detailed scenarios of peace and prosperity for all. These holograms will influence people throughout the world.

So remember to use all three aspects of Holocreation -

1. Slow Down and Create in the Inner World (Do some mental work).

2. With a Full Expectation that these images will manifest in the physical world.

3. For the Purpose to bring Increased Life to yourself and the entire world.

I hope you enjoyed this!

Christopher Westra

P.S. There are Threeways this article will help you in your life.

1. Slow down and learn to create in the inner world of spirit and imagination.

2. Increase your confidence and sure expectation of manifestation.

3. Cultivate a great love of increased happiness and peace for yourself and others.

Copyright Christopher Westra | Holographic Creation is Inner Creation