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Passive Income Family"How You Can Live the Freedom Lifestyle You Deserve.... with a Passive Residual Income , Even if You Just Started Learning About Passive Income!"

Note -   Read the story below while the movie loads to learn how I got out of prison, and how you can gain the freedom you want in your own life with a passive income.  When the music starts, feel free to scroll back up and watch it!

From Christopher Westra in Gunnison, Utah

Dear Friend

prison fenceI used to work in a prison, and my story follows here: 

No, I don't mean it felt like a prison, I worked in a real prison.  Even the inmates had windows in their cells, but I didn't have one in my office!  They had hours of yard time each day and all I got my was my lunch break.  If success is being able to do what you want when you want to, then I wasn't enjoying it.

Well now I enjoy working from home full time.  Working at home allows me to wear what I want, look out the window, eat my meals when I want, and work when I want.  No, I don't work in my underwear, but I do go entire days in bare feet at times!

So many people asked me to tell them how to create a freedom lifestyle with passive residual income that I finally decided to create this Program for You.

Jane Austen What is the Freedom Lifestyle, Anyway?

Have you ever read the book Pride and Prejudice, or seen the movie?  Jane Austen's novels are filled with people who don't have to work for a living.  Why don't they work? 

The "upper class" in England, France and other countries owned all the land, and received a continuous passive income from the "rent" of the tenants. 

Now you can learn how to generate a residual income from property, and it doesn't have to be real estate.  You can also get royalties from books, audios, inventions, movies, and even ideas and processes.

You can now discover how to create or obtain valuable intellectual property that you can sell over and over again, yet still own!

wendy jensenI Love the Freedom and Flexibility

"Some days I spend a lot of time on my business and other days I do nothing at all. I love the freedom and flexibility this opportunity provides me!  I spent the past two weeks vacationing with my family and while we were gone I still earned money on my e-books through clickbank.  When I returned from vacation, there were SIX Clickbank checks waiting for me! 

That is the beauty of passive residual income!  My husband and I were talking about this subject with a good friend of ours who is an attorney.  He said, “That is what I need!”  He went on to explain that he made good money, but he also worked long hours.  The minute he stopped working, he also stopped earning money.  That is the way  it is with most people.  Although it takes discipline, work and effort to set up a business that brings in passive residual income, it is well worth it in the end!"

Wendy Jensen of St. George, Utah
Author of Positive Parenting:

Aine BeltonIn Short, I Focused on the End Result

"I had already begun to create my own 7-part program, the Miracle Mind Manifesting Program. Before coming across internet marketing and informational products I had intended to present this material in the format of seminars and workshops. I now realized that the internet was a perfect means to bring this information out and reach far more people across the world. 

In short, I focused on the end result and the universe provided the ‘how to get there’ by opening doors and presenting opportunities that led me to running an successful internet business in a relatively short period of time with no prior knowledge, experience or expertise. So to summarize, set your intention, follow your passion, ask for help, look for the signs, signals and opportunities the universe presents, act on them and stay committed."

Aine Belton
Author of Miracle Mind Manifesting Program:

A Freedom Lifestyle Can Provide True Leisure Time for Education and More: 

TocquevilleWhen the Frenchman Alexis DeTocqueville came to America he made an interesting discovery.  He noted in his famous book, Democracy in America, that Americans had little leisure time for true education because they were all so busy earning a living!  Now hardly anybody has leisure time!

With a passive income, you can use your leisure time for learning, service, fulfilling your mission in life, or whatever you want to do.  You can do this from any country in the world.

Hawaii, Here I Come: 
When I took my wife to Hawaii for our fourteenth anniversary, I didn't touch a computer for nearly eight days.  During this time I still made several hundred dollars each day. 

The internet allows you to totally automate the sales process and the value delivery process.  Now, passive residual income programs do take a lot of work to set up.  I work hard in my business, but I do what I love and enjoy the freedom lifestyle.  I enjoy interacting with my family more frequently.  See what these friends of mine have done also.... read below.

apryl jensen

Free to Create What You'd Like

"An amazing aspect of earning a passive residual income is that this opportunity is open to practically anyone.  The process of deciding what to offer  the world takes one on a journey of self-discovery--What  knowledge can I share that would be of value to others?   If you decide to write a book about your area of expertise, no longer are you limited by the whims of publishers. 

You are free to create what you'd like and offer it to your audience.  And neither are you limited to writing--digital products can be created by those with voice talents, graphic design abilities, a flair with food preparation--you name it.  There is probably a way to share what you know with people all around the world.  You can use video, audio, written word--the possibilities are limitless.  Think about it--what is it that interests you, you enjoy, and would like to share with others?  Thus begins a residual income business where you can do what you love, and experience financial rewards for doing it. 

There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and find you’ve been making money in your sleep.  With a digital download business, your website continues working for you while you are sleeping or off playing with your family.  It is one of the most ideal working situations ever created."

Apryl Jensen
Author of Creating Consciously:

Richard WebbWorking Smarter, Not Harder

"My life is so different now then it was before. It was like getting rid of a huge load of stress that burdened me for so long.

For 3 1/2 years, I ran a warehousing business... I was not building a passive income at the time and I did not have the time to manage the vision of my business because I was spending so much time running the day to operations (purchasing products, shipping, employees, etc.) Although we generated revenues of close to 1/2 million in 2003, our costs were excessive and we were not profitable, despite the stress and all of the long hours I put in.
Eventually, I sold the warehousing portion of the business and went strictly to 100% drop ship, meaning that other suppliers of mine did all of the shipping and would only charge me for the products purchased and shipped. This was the smartest move I could have made.  I am an internet marketing guy, not a warehouse manager. So, basically, I continued doing the same thing, only I eliminated my responsibilities at running a warehouse and now spend approximately 1-2 hours/day on my business with around $4-5K in profits every month."

Richard Webb, Owner:

Note - You can register for the free Freedom Lifestyle Tutorials below:

First, you can sign up below for your short daily Reality Creating Wealth Tips.  You'll learn about manifesting, metaphysics, mind power, and all the other mental and psychological truths you need to build your freedom lifestyle!  Becoming wealthy is a matter of the mind, and this series of lessons will break through your limiting beliefs.  Just sign up below.

Second, you can also register for the Internet Profits series of lessons.  These come every five days and include the nuts and bolts of building your passive income.  Learn about web tools, marketing, product creation, affiliate programs, viral downloadable books, automated income, and much more! 

These two series of lessons will keep your motivation up and you'll keep building your freedom lifestyle.  Just enter your first name and email below for the internet profits series.

our ultimate realityFollow Your Passions!

"I feel truly blessed by being in a position to not only follow my own passions, and enjoying a passive income at the same time, but also in a position to help so many people around the world, making a difference in their lives, something I will continue to do for as long as I possibly can.

So again – if you are considering starting an Internet business to make the passive income you require for the freedom to spend your time with family and to generally enjoy life to the full, the most important single piece of advice I can offer is follow your passions. If you have a particular passion, you can be sure it will be shared by countless other people around the world. And if your passion includes helping others through life, you will be truly blessed as I am." 

Adrian Cooper, Author:  Our Ultimate Reality, Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind:

Thea WestraFollow Your Passions!

"The new Freedom Lifestyle Income Program by Christopher is such a comprehensive collection of discussions about so many facets of setting up your own passive income stream. Christopher uses his own ‘real life’ experiences and takes you on a journey of easy steps to take, which will guide you towards setting up your own solid, long-term, online business structure.

I highly recommend this book as your first port of call if you are struggling with your online business, if you are just beginning to think about setting up your own, or if you want to simplify your current structures and tools, for heightened effectiveness and efficiency to generate passive online income for a business lifestyle that is fun, streamlined and profitable.

 Christopher’s audio collections are wonderful, lively snippets of inspiration to help motivate you to further action. Each has a practical life or business tip that you can put into effect immediately, and take your personal performance up a notch or two. Be sure to make it a habit, to listen to one of these each day."

Thea Westra, Life Coach

You get all the audio files below with the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program, in MP3 format.  You can download them onto your own computer, put them onto CD or onto your MP3 player, or just listen to them online.  These audios will help you put into practice what you learn in the program, and you can listen to them again and again!

freedomAudio Bonus 1 - The Freedom Lifestyle 
Accelerate your lifestyle of freedom by learning these four principles.  1)  Set time limits to your business hours.  2)  Reserve the activities you love to do for yourself, and delegate or automate the rest.  3)  Schedule in the family and lifestyle activities that bring you joy.  4)  Turn it over to God at the end of the day.

Color Box
Audio Bonus 2 - The Color Coded Prioritizer

Use this powerful but simple method for identifying which tasks each day will move your business ahead.  I developed the Four Color Codes and use them every single day to keep me on task. 

For passive residual income you must keep to the effective actions and ignore the fluff!  Do at least 80 percent red tasks and green tasks for maximum success.

Cat in Mirror
Audio Bonus 3 - The Confidence Builder Exercise

Even with all the right skills, you won't create a passive income unless you obtain the confidence that you are worth it. 

This quick exercise builds your inner strength and power until you know you deserve it!

Audio Bonus 4 - The Goldilocks Principle

Learn what Goldilocks can teach you about how to sell your product to a market that isn't too big, and isn't too small, but is just right!

Doing a quick Goldilocks Market Analysis will save you so much time in the long run.  You can't afford not to learn from the golden haired trespasser!

Audio Bonus 5 - The Banana Income Test

For people to pay for your product, they must find the banana (order button).  This simple banana test checks out your sales page or sales message to see if even a monkey could order! 

Some people trying to make a passive residual income still don't pass the banana test.  You will know how to pass with flying colors.

Audio Bonus 6 - Kite Power!

Did you know that the bridge over Niagara Falls was started with a thin string flown over by a kite?  In Kite Power you will learn the value of starting small and building piece by piece!

Incremental actions yield monumental results in all endeavors, including building a residual income flow.

Audio Bonus 7 - A Goal or a Glimmer?

Learn the difference between your true goals and your wishful glimmers.  Stop setting yourself up for failure by pursuing your glimmers instead of your goals.

Accelerate the accomplishment of your goals by separating your goals from your glimmers.

Audio Bonus 8 - Affiliate Program Evaluator

Use these five questions to choose the best affiliate programs for your Freedom Lifestyle.  Topics include relevance of the product to your audience, statistics tracking, commissions, and much more.

Even if you sell your own product, you will end up promoting other items as well.  Learn now how to distinguish the real passive income generating gems from the fluff.

Audio Bonus 9 - The Shoestring Strategy

This is one business you can start on a shoestring.  Obtain the resources you need to start your Freedom Lifestyle Income Program on a shoestring.  Learn how I did it!

Discover the free and low cost resources to produce and publish web content for your business.

Audio Bonus 10 - Ten Keys to Goals

Learn the ten keys to effective goals and how to use them to build your passive income machine into a freedom lifestyle.  Learn what the full price is for success, and why you must always pay full price.

Mind PowerPassive Income Means Freedom

"One of the greatest benefits of building a successful business is the person you'll become... and life will never be the same again.

2 years I started following my dreams of a life of freedom. For nearly a year, I never earned a single cent but throughout this I never gave up.

Just a year later, and I now make more money on automatic pilot than I ever did in a regular job... and the freedom feels great.

I hope you decide to embark on this grand adventure. All you need to succeed is a pc, an internet connection, and bags of determination and self belief.

Will it be easy? No.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely

Iain Legg, Author and Developer - Real Mind Power Secrets (Super Mind System)

Question Mark

(And Answers Too!) 


Isn't it safer to just maintain my job and trade time for money?

Yes, it might be!  However, that depends on the security of your job, and these days most jobs aren't very secure.  Also, remember that you can start a passive residual income on the side, like I did.  As you watch it grow and become more skilled, then you can think about doing it full time if you want.

Can I get my money refunded if I don't like the program for any reason?

Yes, absolutely!  See the guarantee section below for full reassurance and info.  I promise you will get refunded 100 percent of what you paid.

Is it possible to do the Freedom Lifestyle Program in any country?

Yes, I personally know people enjoying the freedom lifestyle in dozens of countries.  Dr. Tim Ong of Malaysia tells me one benefit of his passive income program is the good exchange rate for the US dollar.  If your country has a good exchange rate, then earning US dollars could really help you out!

You'll really give me 30 minutes free consultation along with purchase?

You bet!  I know this personal help is so valuable for tailoring your freedom lifestyle program to your own talents and interests.  I do ask that you read the books and access the resources first so our time is well spent.  My personal phone number is on the product download page!  You can get more info on the consultation below. 


Don't buy any book telling you how to earn passive residual income unless it meets these eight criteria.  The Freedom Lifestyle Program meets all eight!

1.  The Author makes his or her living on passive income.  Don't buy "how to" instruction from somebody who doesn't know how to do it.  Not only do I give you my story, but I also asked eight contributing Authors (my friends) to give you their examples and stories and experiences.  These real life stories will be so valuable for your motivation and learning on the road to your own freedom lifestyle.

2.  Instructs you how to create your own intellectual property product to sell.  Don't buy programs and kits where all you sell to others is the Author's own program.

3.  Shows by example how to get web traffic to your sales messages.  Don't buy a book that doesn't tell you how to get visitors and customers. 

4.  Teaches you the principles underlying passive income, and how the ownership of property provides the foundation for ongoing royalties.  Don't buy any "program" that only tries to sell itself!

5.  Gives you the sixteen basic desires of all people, and how to make sure your products satisfy those desires.  People will only purchase when they receive value in return.

6.  Not only explains how to start a passive residual income, but also how to truly enjoy the freedom lifestyle.  The two do not automatically go together!  Many people working in royalty-based businesses are still slaves to their business and do not enjoy freedom.  I'll show you how you can be free!

7.  Accelerates your success by giving you a free 30 minute consultation with Christopher for private tutoring.  Christopher routinely charges $90 an hour for consultations about internet profits, so this bonus is worth the price of the program in itself. 

8.  Provides audio instruction on core passive income principles and video segments on how to use the internet tools you need for your freedom lifestyle.  Read about the video tutorials below.

You also get the following Video Tutorials with the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.  You can watch them at any time online.  These little tutorials will help you sign up for affiliate programs, do a simple market analysis, and learn to publish web pages easily and quickly.

Video Tutorial 1 - Keyword Popularity Analysis
This video screen capture shows you how to use the free Keyword Inventory Tool.  You can see how many people are searching for any keyword, topic, or subject you enter!

I use this tool all the time when evaluating the size and scope of a potential market.  It's very revealing.

Arrows Round
Video Tutorial 2
- How to Publish Easily and Quickly

Learn how to use AceFTP to publish your web pages and transfer files anywhere.  When you create downloadable products, you can use this free tool to load your PDFs, audios, and videos to your website.  Move files from anywhere to anywhere the simplest way.

Video Tutorial 3
- Google Keyword Tool

This video walks you through using another keyword tool.  The Google Tool gives you popularity info and also provides data on advertiser competition for each keyword.  We will also show you how to use the tool to access your current website and provide an expanded list of keyword topics.

money hand
Video Tutorial 4
- How to Sign Up For Clickbank

This short video just shows you how to sign up for your own affiliate account at Clickbank.  I sell all my own products through Clickbank.  The sign up is free, and you can instantly become an affiliate for thousands and thousands of digital products!  Learn how to do this.  Clickbank reserves the right to change their policies and procedures at any time without notice.

You can receive the following Bonus Gifts by investing in your Freedom Lifestyle Income Program right now!

Develop Your Financial IQ
Develop Your Financial IQ, by Dr. Tim Ong: 

Learn How to Greatly Enhance Your Financial Sense in a Fun and Easy Way - And Take Control of Your Finances Starting Today!

Tim Ong developed his own Freedom Lifestyle program from the country of Malaysia, so he knows about passive income as well as finances.

Gain control of your financial situation today.

559 Ways
559 Ways to Make Money Following Your Passion, by Christopher Westra: 

Enjoy this book of 559 niche topics and headlines about any subject under the sun.  Use it to brainstorm your own ideas, or just use one of these.

Areas include self improvement, health, recipes and foods, business and finance, computers and the internet, family and relationships, miscellaneous, and even humor.  You'll really like some of the humor topics and titles, and I know many of them could be turned into profitable books!

science of getting richThe Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles

You will also be given the book that started me on creating my own reality and following my purpose.  I spend 30 minutes a day with this book!  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich.  This book teaches the step by step system that Mr. Wattles says will not fail!

It does tell you how to get rich, but it tells you so much more than that also.  The teachings sent shivers up my spine the first time I read it.  This is the original book with all of Dr. Wattle's famous teachings about transforming your life!

zen rocks
Zen and the Art of Ezine Maintenance, by Thea Westra:

Thea Westra's 30 page volume on how to operate a successful ezine.  Thea is a Life Coach with her own web business, and she gives info on why to start an ezine, and how to make lots of money with your email list.  This gem also tells about autoresponders, opt in forms, and how to give people just what they want! 

Time AbundanceTime Abundance, by Thea Westra

How you can enjoy more time to do the things that you want. This book contains 35 "Time-Tested" strategies, beliefs, and techniques to help you create an abundance of time in your life.  Thea is a life coach who uses these principles to guide her clients into a more fulfilling life.  Think Abundance!

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed - Eight Weeks Risk Free!

guaranteeYou can enjoy my personal guarantee that you will be totally delighted with the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.  You can get a full refund at any time with one simple email.

If you don't feel the Freedom Lifestyle Program and Audios give you many times the value you paid, then I don't want your money!  Either way, you win.

Yes, this is a 100%, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.  You'll get refunded 100 percent of the purchase price.

So go ahead and try the Freedom Lifestyle out for eight full weeks, risk free.  The purchase process is safe and secure, and the download process is simple.  Try it today, even if this is your first downloadable product.  We accept PayPal, credit cards, and even electronic checks.

If you need help downloading, just email the support desk or call me and I will help.  Some people need help downloading because it's new for them.  That's OK!  Be bold today.

You can lose nothing by trying this program, and you can gain an entirely new Freedom Lifestyle.  It feels free to be out of prison, so order today with any of the "Invest in Freedom" buttons.

freedom order button 


Here's how to order right now!  I'm not going to ask for an investment of thousands of dollars for this program.  I want you to enjoy the benefits of the Freedom Lifestyle so I'm not even asking for several hundred.

You can get all six parts of the Program

1.  The Main Freedom Lifestyle Income Program Book (PDF Format)
2.  The Ten Bonus Audios (MP3 Format)
3.  The Eight Contributing Author Stories and Examples (PDF Format)
4.  The Four Video Tutorials (Flash Videos)
5.  The 30 Minute Personal Consultation with Christopher
6.  All the other Bonus Books I told about above. (PDF Format)

For an investment of only $49 if you order right now!

Click here to instantly download your Freedom Lifestyle Income Program. When you purchase you will be taken to a special Thank You page where you will download all six parts of the program.  You can also pay with PayPal or by Online Check.  You can get back to the download page any time you want, so you are completely safe in ordering now.



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It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night! 

You will be listening, watching, and learning in just a few minutes... and using it to build the Wealth and Freedom Lifestyle you deserve!  

Can you imagine what it will be like to generate passive income flow for your
complete financial independence?

To your new Success and Freedom Lifestyle,

Christopher Westra

P.S. - The Freedom Lifestyle Income Program, with all the tutorials and bonuses, is priced at $90.  I'm offering it here for an investment of only $49, but I don't know for how long.

Get the book while I still offer all these bonuses and the personal consultation, and at this low price.

P.P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this book, where will you be weeks from now?  Probably right where you are now. Positive change comes from new ideas.  Get the confidence, knowledge, and money skills and attitudes you want through the motivation and specifics provided in this program. 

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Be bold today, just click on the "Invest in Freedom" button below.

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