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How to Use Your Personalized Money Affirmation

money handNapoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, tells us to be very specific when setting our money goals.  Our intelligent universe responds to specific vibrations, frequencies, and images.

You decide the exact amount of your income.  You determine the value you will give to others in exchange for money.  Napoleon Hill wrote up a detailed plan that he read every morning and night.  He became rich with his money affirmation, and helped millions of others to become wealthy also.

I'll help you come up with a personalized, specific plan right now, and I'll even email it to you!  This money affirmation will be in the form of a request to God or the Universe.  You decide the details.  Just fill in the blanks as you read along and then enter below.

"Please continue to lead into my life the people, angels, inspiration, mentors, tools, resources, ideas, and strategies that I can use to expand my wealth to _____________ dollars a month.

I request this in complete trust, and an awareness of my role as a cosmic infant and a budding consciousness growing in light.  This is what I think I want, and I ask that you bring me this monthly income or something better by this date _____________ .

I will earn this money by giving ______________ to others to increase their life, and to make them happier, healthier, or more abundant.
I express my thanks for what I have been given, and for what is coming."

Now simply fill in your three input fields below (and your name and email) and you will will receive your own personalized money affirmation in your email.  You can start reading it tonight! 


P.S. Millions are using Money Affirmations, and over two thousand people have received their personalized script above.  You are welcome to tell your friends about this page and allow them to receive their own money affirmation.  Commit now to reading your money script day and night.  Use your affirmation as a part of your total Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.

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