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Amazing Mind Reader Puzzle

Follow the Five Simple Steps Below to See The Mind Reader Puzzle Work For You!

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Step 1.  Pick any two-digit number. 

Step 2.  Add the two digits of your number together.  For example, if you picked 35 then add 3 + 5 to get 8.

Step 3.  Take your original number, and subtract from it the number you got in step two.  For this example, 35 - 8 would give you your ending number!

Step 4.  Now, find your ending number below, and concentrate on the symbol next to your number.  I'll pick up on your vibrations, and read your mind.

Step 5.  Click inside the circle, and I will display your symbol in the circle!

That's the Mind Reader Puzzle!  Go ahead and try it again!  Or discover for yourself a passive income freedom lifestyle that's no puzzle once you know how to build it.

Do you want to know how the mind reading works?  Well, simply share this puzzle with a friend below, and you will get a link to the answer in your email.  Find out now, and let your friend enjoy the mind puzzle as well! 

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