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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 9

Marie Elizabeth Greene, Ninth Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (April 2007)

This Light Award is sponsored by Apryl Jensen of Creating Consciously.

Here is what Marie Elizabeth says about using her Light Fund Award.

"I am a wife and homeschooling mother of three boys. I was born and raised in Kansas, but with my husband and family have lived in various locations around the west and Midwest. We currently reside in Utah, where I am a part time Wellness Counselor at Good Earth health food store, and an avid blogger at We love the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and enjoy hiking, camping and in all ways enjoying the outdoors in our spare time.

Marie Greene

I recently realized the value of beginning my own weekly (or twice weekly) e-zine to help expand my reader base. I would utilize my Light Fund award toward funding this endeavor. In addition, it is my intention to start a new website to provide a central location for my readers to access my work, and I would put some of my Light Fund award toward this effort as well. I have begun work on a book, inspired by my raw food blog called "Peace & Plenty: Embracing The Raw Food Lifestyle in Mind, Body & Spirit."

It is my goal to not only educate others about the raw food lifestyle, but to inspire and enlighten them as well. It is my belief that the raw food journey is so much more than simply eating raw food, and I am undeniably drawn to reaching out to those who desire to understand it and live it.  It is my intention to offer many free resources to my readers that will assist them in their efforts to raise their vibration through living foods. I know that the Light Fund will help me to make this possible through my website, my weekly e-zine, and through a variety of e-books that I am eager to make available.

I believe that it is through giving that we receive the greatest fulfillment. It has brought me tremendous joy when I have been in the position to bless and share my resources with others, and I intend to provide as many opportunities and resources for others through my business as possible. It is also my intention to offer classes, workshops, and coaching (both online and in person) and I am eager to share these not only with those who can afford it, but also through scholarships for those who want to participate, but do not have the resources to do so. 

Though I would like to see this business become profitable for the benefit of my family, it would not be meaningful to me if I did not feel that I was serving the higher good and spreading light to those willing to receive it. More than the desire for income is the intention to raise human consciousness through mindful living. Giving is an important part of my life already, and as a Light Fund recipient I would be even more intentional about seeking opportunities to help uplift others in their efforts to spread light to the world.  I would be honored to not only receive the Light Fund, but to be able to return it to someone else down the road."

Congratulations to Marie Elizabeth!

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