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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 79

Kanze's Group of Kenya, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (November 2012)

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Kanze is a fifty-five-year-old single mother of nine children, five of whom are still in school. She does a variety of manual labor jobs to earn money for her family, including working on road construction, clearing rural roads, small scale farming and making charcoal. The manual work is often labor-intensive with low wages, and the agricultural endeavors face the challenges of drought and low yields. Kanze is joining the KOMAZA microforestry program so she can buy land for her family and build a good house. She would also like to start a bank account and save some of the money she earns from her tree farm.

In this Group: Kanze, Dama, Kadzo, Mali, Chanciawa , Weneslass, Nyeuu

Congratulations to Kanze's Group..!

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