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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 74

Yen of Viet Nam, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (June 2012)

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Yen is a 59-year-old married woman living in Ho Chi Minh City, In Viet Nam. She has four children. She and her husband earn a living running a general store, which they have done for eight years. Yen would like to take out a loan to buy a greater variety and quantity of basic goods, such as washing powder packs, toothbrushes and traveling shampoo packs to stock her general store. She hopes this will enable her to better meet the needs of her existing customers and attract additional customers. She also hopes that this loan will allow her business to generate a higher income, help her to improve her family's living conditions and enable her to save money for her children's education.

Congratulations to Yen..!

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