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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 72

Ysabel Catalina of Ecuador, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (April 2012)

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Ysabel Catalina is 34 years old and married. She lives with her husband and children in the canton of Ventanas in Los RĂ­os Province.

The Communal Bank “San Francisco de Sibimbe” is located in the neighborhood of Recinto Sibimbe in the canton of Ventanas. This Communal Bank has 20 members who engage in short-cycle farming. They grow corn and rice.

Ysabel Catalina is a farmer who grows corn, rice, and pigeon peas. Her purchases and sales are conducted in Ventanas every 15 days. She is requesting a loan in order to buy seeds, fertilizers, compost, urea, and insecticides. With the help of this loan, she will be able to grow her crops. Her dream is to buy a large piece of land.

Congratulations to Ysabel..!

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