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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 7

Patrick Gould, Seventh Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (March 2007)

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Patrick works with Fight for the Children, which is a not-for-profit organization, whose Mission Statement reads, "Our mission is to provide medical services and care to children globally by supporting the communities in which they live to fulfill their specific health goals. Through our efforts we envision a world where no child shall suffer from a treatable, curable, or preventable illness."

All the monies awarded to Patrick will be specifically used in Dunga, Kenya at an orphanage and will be the means of providing basic food and medical needs to the children there.  Patrick has been working with Dr. Berg, the president of Fight for the Children, and Tobias Odhiambo, who is the principal of the orphanage in that Kenyan village.

Congratulations to Patrick Gould, and Fight For The Children!

Patrick wrote me, saying

"We are working now just to feed the children, send a few to high school (which is the major hope they have to release themselves from poverty).  This summer, initiating a series of small clinics in different villages.

Then, clean water, vegetable gardens, sprouts, fish farming, and such are planned to build in a level of sustainability.  We plan to progress at a gradual rate to slowly build with a strong focus on sustainability at every level."

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