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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 40

Mrs. Yunuke Oira, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (August 2009)

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Yunuke is 35 years old. She is married and has five children between 3 and 13 years old. Four of the children are attending school.

Yunuke is a farmer in Western Kenya near Kisii town. She has been farming for over ten years and her main products are maize, milk, beans and vegetables. She also sells cereals to the local market. Her biggest challenges in farming are lack of a proper market for her products and poor skills in dairy farming.

Yunuke recently completed a previous loan of KES 40,000 from Juhudi Kilimo and has requested this loan of KES 60,000 to purchase a dairy cow. This loan will enable her to acquire a good dairy cow that will produce enough milk for consumption and sale. The income from this loan will assist her in educating her children.

In future, Yunuke would like to own at least three dairy cows which will produce at least 15 liters of milk per day.



Congratulations to Mrs. Yunuke Oira!


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