Light Workers

Perpetual Light Fund Winner 4

Ann-Charlotte Stewart, Fourth Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (January 2007)

This Fourth Light Award is sponsored by Song Chengxiang and his Quantum Mind Power Site.

I'll let Ann-Charlotte tell you about her Light Project!

"Since I got the message to start Lightcenters all over the planet, I
have lived in several places on three continents and at each place the
seed for the Light Centers have been planted. At each place miraculous
changes have occurred too! Here in Auroville the seed has now been
planted within the Adventure community. When I arrived here two months
ago it was a community in deep crisis. Many members had left and a few
more were considering leaving. It was a miracle that my family and I
were invited here at all since the level of trust had reached bottom

In the two months that have past, many fantastic changes for
the better have occurred and our community is now a wonderfully
working lightcenter. People are happy and aligned, cooperating and
friendly. We are all actively helping each other to become fully self
expressed and Adventure has rapidly become a place where outside
guests now love to come - every day here is a celebration of Life! We
co-operate in a beautiful way -we cook the most wonderful meals every
day in our kitchen and laughter is heard where only two months ago
there wasn't any... we're now in the flow!

I cannot say what my role is in this transformation that I see
happening, and I find that it's not important, but I know one thing,
the tools I have picked up from people like yourself - THANK YOU - and
others like Rebecca Fine, Wally, Napoleon Hill and countless others,
all with the spirit of cocreating Heaven On Planet Earth, these tools
work and are REAL. These are the tools that I use with many, many
people here in Auroville as a part of my Lifecoaching vocation.

Christopher, I see the most amazing changes in all people that I work
with. It is such a blessing!

I don't have a personal web site quite yet, but I'm working on it.
There simply hasn't been a need, but I've been divinely nudged to get
one together soon ;-)"

Congratulations to Ann-Charlotte and her Light Centers.  What an inspiration to all of us!

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