Light Workers

Perpetual Light Fund Winner 3

Alison Appiah, Third Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (January 2007)

This Third Light Award is sponsored by I Create Millions.

Alison is in the United Kingdom and is launching her audio book business in February of 2007.  She plans on centering her books and topics about self improvement and empowerment to help spread the truths of light to many.

She wants to promote those books which she has used, can personally recommend, and that she knows will help others to lead a happier life.  She has a domain purchased but it's not up yet so I will add the link later!

Congratulations to Alison Appiah!  For more information about other light workers, light resources, and light tools, see the navigation over to your left.  Or learn more about the Perpetual Light Fund.

Potential Light Fund Recipients, keep sending your info.  You may be next!


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