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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 191

Vistoso Group, of Peru, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (September 2019).

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Vistoso Group's Story

Yen, 21, is a single mother with a five-year-old son, he is her greatest inspiration for success. Yes is the president of the communal bank "Vistoso," made up of ten members.

Cheerful and hardworking, Yen has always liked agriculture. That is why she grows cacao. She has a parcel of land for cultivating, and she is soliciting a loan to plant cacao.

As a second job she works as a day laborer on other land parcels, and maintenance (cleaning, gardening, among other jobs). Her greatest challenge has always been to keep her land full of a variety of products to satisfy her customers, and she very much wants to accomplish this.

In this group: Noemi, Gloria, Rodrigo, Irma, Ruise, Olga, Yen Lizceth, Sonia, Elsa, Narciso

perpetual light fund winner


Congratulations to Vistoso Group in Peru..!

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