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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 188

Bartolina Sisa Group, of Bolivia, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (June 2019).

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Bartolina Sisa Group's Story

The Communal Bank “Bartolina Sisa” is part of the Alto Lima agency. The group consists of eight members and is led by a Board of Directors in which Sra. Paulina is the president. 

Paulina is 63 years old, single, and has five children. She has a business of selling coca leaves. Her loan will be used to buy coca leaves in bulk from wholesale vendors in the city of La Paz and then she will sell them at her vending stall. By working in this manner, she will be able to generate income to support her family. 

Her aspirations include expanding her business. Paulina asks that the lenders continue to trust her Communal Bank group.

In this group: Josue, Miguel, Ximena, Gimena, Mabel Tathiana, Norka Willma, Betzabe, Paulina Yola

Bartolina from Boilivia light fund winner -

Congratulations to Bartolina Sisa Group in Bolivia..!

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