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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 185

Awo Group, of Ghana , Winner of the $75 Microenterprise Fund (May 2019).

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Awo Group's Story

This is Augustina, whose purpose for this loan is to buy more groceries, food crops, corn and cassava dough to sell. She is a hardworking, married woman living in the locality of Teshie where she earns a living. She also practices food vending to supplement her income. 

Augustina hopes for her family to be well-off, although she faces a challenge of limited working capital to meet the increasing demands of her customers. She is a member of Awo Group, where members guarantee each other to access credit and develop themselves.

In this group: Augustina, Theodora, Patience, Philomena, Grace, Cynthia, Sarah

ghana light fund winner

Congratulations to Awo Group in Ghana...!

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