Light Workers

Perpetual Light Fund Winner 182

Vitumbiko Group, of Malawi , Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (March 2019).

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Vitumbiko's Story

Leni is a 54-year-old, married woman. She cares for her four children, and her husband works as a security guard.

Leni sells fish. She requires the loan to pay for additional fish to resell in her area. She started the business to be independent financially and use the profits from the business. Leni plans to open a poultry farming business and desires to own a car in the future.

In this group: Tina, Getrude, Leah, Sara, Jennet, Nellie, Linda, Regina, Bera, Leni, Febby, Cathreen, Enette, Tinkhani

light fund winner in Malawi

Congratulations to Vitumbiko Group of Malawi...!

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