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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 178

Ufundi Group, of the Congo, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (February 2019).

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Ufundi Group's Story

Madame Francine is a client of the MFI Hekima and is the representative of the banque villageoise Ufundi.

She is 48 years old, married, and the mother of eight children, all of whom go to school. She sells shoes at the central market in the city, with startup funding she received 10 years ago from her husband who is also a salesperson, and later Hekima followed.

With this loan, she will purchase three 50-kg bundles of secondhand shoes to strengthen her business. She plans to open a large store in the future so she can provide the same products as well as properly feed and school her children.

Madame Francine thanks Hekima and its partners for their financial support of vulnerable people.

In this group: Marie Jeanne, Ursule, Charline, Esther, Regine, Lugombo, Francine, Aimerance, Munyerekana, Furaha, Beatrice, Solange, Yvette, Cesarine, Apauline, Aimee, Joseline, Eliane, Melania, Pascasie, Anastasie, Elodie, Eliza, Viviane, Aimerance, Annuarite, Adolphine, Rosette


Ufundi Group Light Fund Winner

Congratulations to Ufundi Group from the Congo...!

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