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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 177

Nuevo Amanecer Group, of Paraguay, Winner of the $25 Microenterprise Fund (February 2019).

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Nuevo Amanecer Group's Story

Each one of the members shows a desire to get ahead by working. In total they are 30 women who dream of overcoming poverty. They put in effort day after day so they can have their own income. That is why they are in a poverty elimination program where they receive continuous training so they can make good use of their income.

Veronica is one of the members who has a store in her house. She mentions that with a lot of sacrifice she was able to start her own business and now she is known in the zone. Veronica is a determined person who has worked since she was young, and that is why she is not afraid of challenges and puts all of herself into improving her business since she is the supporter of her household.

She requests this loan to buy drinks, bread products, vegetables, fruit, canned goods, dairy products, and other products.

In this group: Blanca, Maria, Idalina, Blanca, Rosa, Laura, Liduvina, Maria, Catherine, Adolfina, Justa, Leonora, Myrian, Del Carmen, Zulma, Marta, Ramona, Nimia, Veronica, Juana, Nicanora, María, Cristina, Herenia, Maria, Andrea, María, Estela, Gloria, Yenny

nuevo paraguay light fund winner

Congratulations to Nuevo Amanecer Group of Paraguay...!

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