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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 173

Frankilde, of Namibia, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (January 2019).

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Frankilde's Story

In late 2018 Frankilde fell sick. For two months she was unable to work. Thankfully for her and her four children, she had successfully been running a small-scale solar energy business for almost two years before that. With her savings from work, Frankilde was able to get the medical care she needed and ensure her children had nutritious food and their school fees paid. 

Frankilde is back at work and is hoping to grow her business even more in the new year. With your loan, Frankilde will be able to get small-scale solar products imported and pay for travel to new communities, where she will be able to grow her market for these affordable, durable, and sustainable solar products.

(Pictured, from left, Frankilde, Program Manager, Theo, and Regional Sales Manager, Fino)

Namibia light fund winner

Congratulations to Frankilde of Namibia...!

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