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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 159

Piusati, in Tonga, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (April 2018)

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Piusati's Story

Piusati is a 39 years old woman living together with her partner at their own home located in the rural area of Tongatapu with five children. 

They are struggling trying to raise their kids, especially when sending them to school because two of them already attend school and the rest have not yet entered school. 

At the moment Piusati is currently running her business of weaving. 

She had her loan and spend it wisely in preparing pandanus to supply her weaving. Now she faces challenges when she’s running out of pandanus. It’s very difficult for her to buy more pandanus due to the expensive prices of good quality material. 

She’s confident that running her business will provide her some more income from selling her weaving and that this will enable to reach her vision of having savings to educate all her children in to a better standard of knowledge

tongan light fund winner 2018

Congratulations to Piusati in Tonga...!

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