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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 154

Gs Fe Group, of the Dominican Republic, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (February 2018)

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Gs Fe Group's Story

Ghislene is a thirty-three year old woman who has lived in Boca Chica, in the municipality of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic for the past thirteen years. The economy of the municipality is generally based on fishing, the informal economy and services associated with tourism. 

Ghislene is a Haitian immigrant. While she was studying in Haiti, her father decided to relocate to the Dominican Republic with his family. 

Now she, along with her husband and children, fight daily for their sustanence. Five years ago, she developed a business selling new clothing at home and from house to house. 

She dreams of building a house on a small plot of land the family acquired. Ghislene needs this suport to buy new clothing and maintain her business and her clients. 

Thank you for the support to the Gs Fe group in business development.

In this group: Ghislene, Junia , Cecilia, Simon , Marie, Roberson

light fund winner from the dominican republic

Congratulations to the Gs Fe Group in the Dominican Republic...!

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