Light Workers

Perpetual Light Fund Winner 153

Molly, of Uganda, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (January 2018)

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Molly's Story

Molly is 42 years old and is married, with five children and one dependent. Her family lives in Ibanda's surburbs.

She is primarily engaged in cattle fattening as her major source of income. She supplements her income in the milk trade, supplying to dairies and shops in her region. 

She started her business with the financial support from her husband, who thought it wise to bring in additional income to meet the family's daily expenses. Molly did not have sufficient knowledge about farming in the beginning, but by attending various agricultural workshops, she has gained expertise to carry on. 

With desire for growth, She plans to buy more bulls, hoping to expand her cattle fattening business in the future. However, her working capital does not allow her to do so. She has therefore applied for a loan of 6,000,000 UGX from UGAFODE to buy the bulls. She is confident that this will bring in more income, which will improve her family's standard of living. 

Molly appreciates her lenders for this financial support that will boost her business.