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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 133

Elizabeth, of Tanzania, Winner of the $50 Microenterprise Fund (October 2016)

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Elizabeth's Story


In Tanzania, farm inputs & poultry production supplies are not only very scarce but also lack crucial extension services like training & financing. Women, in particular, are marginalized because men typically own bigger plots of land and larger, more productive animals.


In 2006 Elizabeth (pictured) founded AKM Glitters in Tanzania to address these diverse challenges through a unique franchise model. Through a network of women entrepreneurs/franchise-owners, AKM provides chicken and feed to a network of farmers, and generates additional revenue by re-purchasing chickens & eggs, selling them to large grocery store chains & other large distributors of poultry products. AKM supports these franchises with monitoring, training, marketplace access, and the inputs for their businesses. These franchises allow women to improve their economic status through meaningful employment, enabling their families to improve their nutrition and boost their children’s academic outcomes.

elizabeth light fund winner in tanzania


Congratulations to Elizabeth in Tanzania..!

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