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Perpetual Light Fund Winner 12

Mohan Kumar, Winner of the $100 Microenterprise Fund (May 2007)

This Light Award is sponsored by I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization

Mohan is a garden design architect in the garden city of Bangalore India.  He writes in his own words below.

"I love to spread the vibration of peace through gardens. Trees and flowers speak the language that touches the heart of the humans through the nose and eye.

A pleasant smell and look of greenery is a good booster of peace of mind.   Bangalore is the city of gardens and I felt that gardening is a way to foster peace. By nurturing the trees and greenery and selling I earn my living and the gardening habit spreads in the surrounding - again to spread the message of peace that is conveyed through trees and plants."

Out of earning a reasonable profit, he also helps poor students by way of payment of tuition fees and text book purchases.  Mohan plans to repay the light fund loan within nine months.

Congratulations to Mohan!

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