Light Workers

Lighten Up and Relax

How to Lighten Up Your Life and Enjoy More

Can you just lighten up?  Stop being so serious all the time!  Like most of my light writings, this is light body advice for me too.

One book that really helped me to lighten up is What is Lightbody?  This book was channeled to Archangel Ariel by Tashira Tachiren.  What is Lightbody? tells us that we are vast multidimensional beings ascending to light.

The chapters include light info about our axiotonal system, the 12 levels of lightbody, light mutational symptoms, and light tools and light techniques for greater ease in the light transition process. 

I really laughed at a lot of the book, because much of it was new and strange to me.  However, I found the light invocations (prayers) and the lighter perspective very comforting and enriching to my life. 

So lighten up and try out Light Body for some light reading.  I "seriously" keep it by my bedside and read a little bit every night, even though I usually don't get too much into "astral entities", magical elixirs, and Alchemical type of stuff.

Enjoy, and also check out the ten principles of holographic light creation.


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