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559 Ways to Make Money Following Your Passion

If you want to make money while helping people and following your passion, then this may be just the web page for you!  If you can research a focused topic and then write about it, you can make a lot of money.  Create perpetual cash flow as an information publisher!

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When you author your own "downloadable book", you can publish easily.  Your ebook or other information product is your intellectual property.  You can then sell your book over and over again.  This is what I do for a full-time living!  In fact, I just made over $4000 profit for the first 15 days of January 2007.

You can enjoy the advantages of receiving "royalties" on your works.  I've created a book of 559 Focused Information Topics and Titles to get you started.

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Apryl Jensen, author of Everyday Manifesting, says:

"Christopher Westra has done it again. This book is one of the most synergistic books I've ever read. As Chris shares his abundance of ideas, it has the effect sparking my own mind to action, and getting the creative juices flowing!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for ideas about what they can offer the world. Succinct and to the point, this book is chock full of inspiration!"

Apryl Jensen


Publishing downloadable books is fun, quick, and easy.  You just write about what you love, or any area of expertise.  Then you convert your writing into a "downloadable" ebook with a PDF converter, and let people know.

Purchase this book now, and you will receive not only ebook topic ideas, but examples of creative titles and creative headlines also.  I've sold thousands of ebooks in several different niche genres (mind power, health, marketing, business, finance, and even child care with my potty training book.)

I'm letting this book go for only 3 cents per idea, making it $16.77 for the introductory price.  This price will increase, so get it now while you can!

You get a list of downloadable book topics and ideas in several categories.  These areas include self improvement, health, recipes and foods, business and finance, computers and the internet, family and relationships, miscellaneous, and even humor.  You'll really like some of the humor topics and titles, and I know many of them could be turned into profitable books!

Get started making money today with your information product centered around your passions and interests!  Just order below.  You have my 100 percent guarantee that you will get your money's worth, or I'll refund every penny!



Order 559 Ways to Make Money

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