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How to Manifest

What is Manifesting and How to Manifest in Your Life

To learn how to manifest in your life, you first must know the answer to "What is Manifesting?"

Since manifesting is one of my major topics, I've come across several great definitions.  I believe that learning to manifest (create) is one of the major reasons we are here in this earth life.

My definition of manifesting is spiritual pre-creation of a desired outcome using emotion and detailed images.  The physical creation then follows according to the natural laws of manifesting.

Barry Goss of Manifest Life says that manifestation is creating the life you desire from the inside out.  One of the "manifesting mentors" on his site said that manifesting is the act of making something visible on the inside, and then by faith, causing it to appear in physical reality.

Mike Dooley of Infinite Possibilities describes manifestation as "Thoughts Becoming Things"

The dictionary says to manifest is "to show or demonstrate plainly".  One definition put the results of manifestation as "The materialized form of a spirit".  Now that's getting close to my definition. 

Everything is created first in spirit form (incipient matter) or pure light form, and this spirit blueprint attracts denser light to it until it manifests in physical form.  Here are ten principles of this holographic creation process.

You can learn how to manifest.  Manifesting is a skill like any other.  Manifesting is a fun skill, a useful skill, and one of the very purposes of life!  For ten free keys on manifesting with holographic light, please sign up below.

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Christopher (Author of I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization)

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