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Health and Wealth

Yes, Health is Your Ticket For Wealth

Did you know that health is the number one ticket to wealth? Before we jump into this concept, let's first dissect the word wealth.

The root word of wealth is weal, which means “well-being”. A truly wealthy person has a lot of well-being. Most people tend to associate wealth with money. Now, money is an important part of wealth building, but it's only part of the wealth equation.

We tend to neglect other areas of our life such as our health, spirituality, relationships and emotions over the pursuit of money. However, as most of us may know, money is only a magnifier of who you really are.

That's why it's extremely important to give attention to all the key areas of your life, so you become a purposeful human being.

I happen to believe that health is our greatest asset. Our physical body is the vehicle that God/Spirit/Energy/Consciousness (or whatever you want to call it) has chosen to expand and grow in. You'll never attract high energy results residing in a low energy body.

So if this is true, why do we treat our bodies with disrespect in poor food consumption, lack of exercise, lack of rest and other abuse? For example, if you went out and bought a 2 million dollar thoroughbred champion race horse, would you feed it french fries and milkshakes and also never exercise it?

I don't think so. You would only feed the horse the best foods and give it daily exercise and training so the horse performs at its best.

Can you see the metaphor here? How can our own bodies be less valuable and worthy of a horse?

Think about this for a minute. Do you really think that you're going to have mental clarity, high energy, controlled emotions and an excellent connection with your source when you're 25 pounds over-weight, stuffing french fries and milkshakes into your body?

It's not going to happen. A high energy vessel (the body) will create high energy results. Since wealth is an integration process, when you raise your energy in one key area of your life, the other areas increase and grow as a result.

Months ago I was looking at a body that was 16 pounds over-weight with a typical American Standard diet (You should know that over 60% of Americans are obsese). I decided I wanted better health and fitness because I wanted to feel better and have a high energy body.

Well, I worked at it and completely changed my diet and began exercising. I created the goal, understood the experiences I wanted and took bold action.

In 6 weeks I lost 12 pounds, I'm training for a marathon and I feel great. My energy levels have sky-rocketed and as a result more money-making opportunities came my way and my romantic relationship with my mate increased.

Everyone can always improve their health and create a higher energy vessel. It all starts with being Truthful about your current situation.

Do you love your body? Are you happy with your health? Are you over-weight? Do you treat your body with high energy foods? Do you know a lot about health?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, how would you rank your health? How about your fitness? If you didn't answer a 9 or 10, then you're not getting the results you truly desire.

Maybe you feel stuck in your relationships, finances or spiritualaity. If that's case, maybe an indirect approach such as increasing your health could be the answer. I know it was for me.

Here is one question I continually ask myself on a daily basis: Is this action going to provide value to my life or is it not? For example, Is this next scoop of ice cream going to provide value to my life or not?

Logically you may not know. However, intuitively you always do know. Do what feels right. Health is your ticket to wealth.

Nick Pfennigwerth

Nick is creator and author of Creative Wealth Building.

He helps people stretch their thinking, feelings and physical limits to become Purposeful Human Beings. Visit him at his Website where he has written over 80 articles about creating more harmony and wealth for your life--